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ABOUT SPAMREJECTION SERVICE has been designed for Enterprise wide email filtering but is also suitable for small organizations.

How our Spam Rejection Service (SRS) works

With our consulting and assistance you redirect your incoming email through our anti-spam/antivirus servers which then forward all email to your current server if the email is not infected with a virus and is not spam. This service runs entirely on our servers, maintained by our staff, not yours, so you never have to buy any software, hardware or maintain another application or server. In a split second, our servers inspect each incoming email, scan it for viruses, determine the source of the message, then run a series of twenty plus ever changing tests to determine whether or not an email message is spam. The twenty plus tests include proprietary data, as well as reputable shared data to determine if the source is a known spammer. If the email fails our tests, then a rejection NDR message is sent to the sender and the email is store in our quarantine database for seven days. If the email is legit, our systems simply forward to your existing email server. Our systems support Sender Policy Framework anti fraud technology, Embedded Image Spam scanning and more as part of a system that changes as the tactics of spammers change.

SRS is e-commerce friendly

SRS sends well formatted, easy to understand rejection or Non-Delivery Receipts to Subscribers that send email from a known source of spam; Included in our simple message is a hyperlink for the sender (assuming a legit sender we blocked inadvertently) to submit a request for whitelisting or assistance. Our staff handles all support and assistance for your end Subscribers and senders. SRS requires nothing for you or your personnel to do if the sender submits reports directly to SRS unless we can not identify them as legitimate senders.

SRS is reliable and fast

We maintain multiple redundant SRS servers on redundant T-1's backed up by redundant and generator backed up power for maximum performance, reliability and redundancy. SRS has been up and running constantly without interruption since it began in 2000!

What's Included with your SRS Subscription

  • We provide all hardware, software, Internet services and expertise to deliver an intelligent and fast email filtering service.
  • Our personnel monitor the system 24/7/365. We invest in constant research to change our service as the tactics of spammers change.
  • Unlimited technical support is included during our normal business hours M-F 8AM - 6PM EST.
  • If your Subscribers want to report suspect spam emails, our support team will investigate each one for no additional charge and add newly discovered sources of spam to our list of known spammers. This is useful because certain junk will be directed to only one user.
  • User specific and Domain wide Reports are available for every email that is processed by SRS for the past 60 days. Reports show date, sender, recipient, whether blocked or allowed and reason if blocked. Whitelist Requests can easily be sent to SRS Support while viewing reports. This gives administrators complete email auditing and management while allowing Subscribers to obtain information on email coming to themselves.
  • Personalized Quarantines for each user that stores all blocked emails (except virus infected emails) for 14 days. This give the user complete control over the filtering system for their email address. If a sender's email did not come through as expected, the user can check his/her quarantine within seconds and retrieve a wanted email that could have been blocked inadvertently. When a user retrieves a blocked message SRS automatically whitelists that sender so no future emails from that sender are blocked. This gives each user complete control over their own email without having to contact administrators or technical support.
  • There is nothing for you ever to do unless you want to check your quarantine website, email reports or report SPAM suspects to us.

SRS Subscription Cost is inexpensive

SRS has tiered pricing based on the number of Subscribers. We monitor logs to verify that your user counts are accurate, but rely on you to correctly state and size your services for optimum performance, accuracy and results. Most subscribers will realize a full return on their investment every few days. See our price quote or order form for details.

SRS Service is Guaranteed

We guarantee you'll see a 95-98% reduction in spam getting to your server. You should experience no sustained false positives. We provide unlimited technical support for your domain Subscribers and any user trying to email you. We've been developing our systems for over seven years now and continue to make improvements every day. We offer new billing accounts a free trial period OR 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee: If during the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied, we'll discontinue the service and give you a full refund.

After your initial month of service you may discontinue your service at any time with proper notice per our current terms and conditions. As always, there are no contracts to sign, no term requirements and you may discontinue this service at any time.